The church is God’s People, those saved by the grace of God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and baptized into the body of Christ through the Holy Spirit. The Local Church is God’s people gathered together in order to edify and build each other up with the purpose of sending out the equipped to carry the Gospel to all the world.

Starkey Road Baptist Church exists to help people find, follow, and share Jesus Christ



Our desire as a church is to walk in step with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, knowing we have been created in His workmanship to fulfill the good works the Lord has created for us (Ephesians 2:10). Both our mission and strategy are meant to help us live our lives in a way that brings glory to God and to be a light to our community and the world. as we look to the future, our desire is to be integral in the lifeblood of the community by reaching into the needs around us and by sharing the redemption offered only through Christ by the transforming power of the Gospel.


Our vision is to:

RESTORE – restore the broken; restore those disillusioned with the church back to the church; restore the lost to a saving relationship with Christ. Starkey Road is committed to praying, worshipping, and preaching the Word because we know that restoration comes only through Christ.

EQUIP – equip the saints. We want our people to be equipped through discipleship, education, and service. this equipping comes from being in a worship service, committing to personal growth through a Life Group, and serving others with our unique gifting.

SEND – send the church. The church is not a building but a people, and by sending the church we are sending followers of Christ into their communities and around the world. we desire that our people participate in short-term missions’ trips, that some would become full-time missionaries, pastors, and church planters, and that all would pray and share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence. 


Our mission will only be accomplished through the working of the Holy Spirit in and through the lives of God’s people. We believe there are four things that every believer should make a priority: Corporate Worship, Personal Discipleship, Humble Service, and Powerful Engagement.


Corporate Worship

Personal: I will embrace the Gospel Message, give my life to Jesus, and personally worship Him throughout my week.

With Others: I will be a regular participant, with others, in our corporate Worship service as an extension of my personal worship.

Personal Discipleship

Personal: I will grow in my relationship with Christ through personal prayer, and Bible study, utilizing the tools that are available to strengthen that most important relationship.

With Others: I will live my life together with other believers, participating with a smaller community of Christians, encouraging others and being encouraged. 

Humble Service

Personal: I will serve on my own by looking at those around me, intentionally helping those in need.

With Others: I will serve in a ministry of the church, using my unique gifting to build up the body of Christ

Powerful Engagement

Personal: I will go and share the Gospel message with those in my circle of influence through the power of the Holy Spirit.

With Others: I will engage the culture of this community and the communities of the world by supporting missions, participating in short-term mission trips, and praying continually for the Gospel to be shared.


If you are interested in knowing more about what we believe, you can read our full statement of belief by clicking below.