Starkey Road Baptist Church traces its history to 1939 and the former Calvary Baptist Church of Gulfport, Florida. We are an unaffiliated assembly of believers, and as such do not belong to a larger denomination or answer to any organization beyond our church. Our congregation is self-governing, while lovingly lead by a team of devoted Pastors and committed Deacons.
However, in order to fulfill our Lord’s commands to spread the Gospel and to edify the saints, we do affiliate and cooperate with organizations such as Associated Baptists for World Evangelism, Baptist Mid-Missions, AWANA Clubs International and Word of Life Fellowship.
Our emphasis is on living the Christian life as God’s Word has expressed it, and strive to model the church as it is described in the New Testament..

Our History

Starkey Road Baptist Church has a rich history that dates back to its roots in Gulfport, Florida. A small church was started in 1939, which grew into Calvary Baptist Church of Gulfport. The church was pastored by Dr. Eric A. Folsom from 1957 to 1983. In 1974, the church called Dr. Folsom’s son-in-law, Jerry Lancaster, to be the church’s youth pastor.

In 1983, the church relocated from its Gulfport location to its current site on Starkey Road in mid-Pinellas County. The church changed its name from Calvary Baptist Church to Starkey Road Baptist Church to reflect its new location. Jerry Lancaster became the Senior Pastor at the time of the relocation. The first services were held in the small chapel building. Six building programs have been completed under Pastor Lancaster’s ministry at Starkey. The church has grown from a group of 60 to more than 1200 members under his ministry.

In 2006, the church established a Ten Year Planning Committee as it anticipates the future needs of our growing congregation.

In 2008, SRBC  celebrated 25 years at its present site on Starkey Road.

In 2010, SRBC launched a Sports Ministry Facility which will provide an outreach ministry for street hockey, volleyball, basketball, and “indoor” soccer.

In 2015, SRBC purchased the 5 acres of land and facilities of the Liberty Worship Center in order to accommodate our continued growth and development.